Discovery True Artisanal Italian Gelato

Rue de Bâle 12

1201 Geneva, Switzerland

All our milk and products of
local origin are certified

What do our clients say?

Incredibly good gelato, comparable only to the best we've tried in Italy. The owner is very polite and makes the ice cream fresh every time. Would highly recommend the pistachio and melon!

A. Hoc

A small ice parlor with quality home made ice cream. Caution: Once you've tasted the ice cream served here, you'll never want to eat industrial ice cream again ;-)

J. Molendijk

Wow. Amazingly good ice cream, served with a smile! Very friendly and nice atmosphere, and I noticed they were also taking all proper precautions. Plus they're close enough to the lake that you can saunter down and enjoy your ice cream there. I'll be coming back to try more flavours.

S. Maddeaux





Artisanal Ice Cream

Freshly prepared ice Cream every day

We produce our ice creams and sorbets daily in our laboratory located at the back of the store, intended for direct sale on the same day.

Our ice creams and sorbets are not stored in a freezer, which means that they remain creamy and retain a perfect texture and taste quality.

The ingredients are carefully chosen, are of the highest quality and GRTA certified for all dairy and local products. Our sorbets are made with fresh seasonal fruits.










350 Gr

500 Gr

1 Kg

Sicilian Specialties

The famous Sicilian Brioche, called "Brioscia cu tuppu" comes directly from our supplier in Catania. The buns are individually wrapped in an ATM capsule that preserves freshness, eliminating waste and keeping product characteristics intact.

One of the countless Sicilian specialties is "Brioscia cu tuppu" filled with excellent artisanal ice cream. Throughout the summer season, it is a real Sunday ritual for families, and easily replaces lunch or dinner for those who work.

The Sicilian Brioche is also accompanied by the famous "Granita", originally with lemon, but also with strawberries, coffee, almonds and various possible flavors.

The "Scroze di cannoli", "cannoli" bark come directly from Sicily and we fill them daily with homemade ricotta cream derived from sheep.

You will find our "cannoli" in store or on order. And, on order only, we also fill them with our homemade chocolate and pistachio cream.

"Torta semifreddo" is a typical Italian frozen dessert that is also called "parfait" in French.

Completely handcrafted, our semifreddo cakes are produced in our own laboratory. The main composition of our cakes is formed by an Italian meringue or "pâte à bombe" paste and whipped cream in which we incorporate the different flavors such as coffee, hazelnut, pistachio, chocolate, vanilla and many others.

You will find our cakes in store or for any special event on order.

About Us

La Gelateria Fiordilatte is a small family business dedicated to the manufacture of 100% artisanal ice cream.

Our goal is to offer freshly made, premium quality ice cream on a daily basis.

Fiordilatte is here to satisfy your taste buds!